Tips For Storing RC Planes

Posted on: 23 May 2016

Collecting RC and model airplanes is a fun hobby, but the aircraft models can be fairly large to store at home between flights. They can also be delicate, which means careful storage is needed to make sure they aren't harmed. A storage unit provides a safe storage spot that also frees up space in your home. The following tips will help you store the planes properly.

Tip #1: Clean carefully

RC models often end up with dust, dirt, or grass on them from landing and flying outdoors. Some of this organic matter can attract pests, or at a minimum cause discoloration on the plane. You can clean the difficult crevasses with a small detailing vacuum attachment, such as those sold for vacuuming computer keyboards. Then, wipe with a slightly dampened cloth. Avoid using cleansers since they can damage or even dissolve the foam base of an RC model.

Tip #2: Break it down

Many of the larger RC models come apart – at the bare minimum you can separate wings from the main body. This is the best way to store the model if it is possible because then the wings won't be as prone to breakage. You may also want to remove the propeller and wrap the protruding propeller shaft with foam sheeting or bubble wrap. This will prevent the prop from becoming snagged on something and bending the shaft.

Tip #3: Bust out the batteries

Always remove all battery packs from the plane and its controller before storing. Keep the rechargeable pack in a plastic bag, just in case it corrodes or leaks, with the plane. The regular batteries in the controller can also be stored this way, although it may be a better idea to simply replace them with fresh batteries next time you fly.

Tip #4: Box up properly

Store the RC planes in their original boxes if you still have them and if they plane breaks down easily enough to fit into the box. Otherwise, wrap the plane carefully with a white cloth, such as a painter's dropcloth or a sheet. Place the wrapped planes on a shelf – never store them on the ground since they are more likely to suffer damage. If a shelf isn't possible in your unit, purchase plastic tubs large enough to hold the plane and its accessories. Make sure accessories are also in bags labeled with the plane they go to if you own multiple planes.

For more storage tips, contact a storage facility near you, such as SaveMor Self Storage LTD.


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