How to Choose the Right Air Compressor Rental for Sandblasting

Posted on: 8 July 2016

If you want to refinish some metal furniture that you have sitting outside your home, then you will need to remove the exterior finish from the metal. While you can sand the paint or the powder coating away, sandblasting is much quicker and easier. If you want to sandblast, then you will need an air compressor to move the sand out of the attached spray nozzle. Renting an air compressor is a good choice if you only wish to complete a single sandblasting job. Keep reading to learn about a few things you will need to look for when renting the device. 

High Air Volume

An air compressor used to power pneumatic tools or pump air into your tires will not require a great deal of air volume. However, one that is used for sandblasting purposes will. The air will need to pick up a small amount of the sand from the attached hopper. The sand will mix with the air and release out of the nozzle. The air will need to retain enough power and volume to pick up the sand and carry it all the way to the designated target. 

To make sure your compressor is powerful enough, you will need to look at the volume of air or standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) released from the machine. Many air compressors, especially portable varieties, have fairly low SCFM ratings, since most pneumatic tools only require about 10 SCFM of power to run. However, many sandblaster nozzles will require at least 14 or 20 SCFM. If you do not want the compressor to run continuously, then multiply the volume needs of the nozzle or sprayer by 1.5. For example, if your sandblasting nozzle requires an SCFM of 20, then you will want to invest in a rented air compressor that produces at least 30 SCFM.

A high PSI rating will help to ensure a powerful spray too, so make sure the PSI of the compressor is consistent with the rating on the nozzle. For example, if the nozzle has a 90 PSI rating, then look for a compressor that releases at least 90 PSI of air. More heavy duty compressors have ratings that are well above 200 PSI. Consider one of these models if you want to ensure maximum power throughout the sandblasting job.

Oil Lubrication

A powerful air compressor is needed to meet your sandblasting needs, and this means that the internal components of the device will work hard when you start the job. Most powerful compressors are piston devices that use an internal piston to compress air. Compressed air is then moved to the holding container. Once pressure builds in the container, the air will release out the nozzle. 

Pistons will need to move quickly and consistently to keep air moving to the tank. This movement can create a great deal of friction, and the friction can wear down the seals on the pistons. Heat is also created that can create a great deal of wear and tear on the compressor. To reduce heat, friction, and general wear, some piston compressors have oil canisters that splash lubrication on the piston. Look for one of these oil compressors when renting the machine. 

When you first rent your compressor, it is wise to make sure that the oil in the machine is new, so make sure to change the oil right away. Purchase some compressor lubricating oil from your local home or compressor rental company. You will need to locate the oil gauge, the oil drain nut, and the oil fill port. Place a container underneath the drain nut and twist the nut to the left. Oil will start draining out of the oil reservoir. When oil stops dripping, tighten the nut. Remove the cap from the fill port, place a small funnel in the port, and start to slowly pour the new oil into the reservoir. Look at the gauge while you do this and stop filling once the oil reaches the fill line. 

To learn more about your rental options, contact resources like Summit Tool Rentals Division Of Wirtz Rentals.


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