Bees in the Winter: 4 Hiding Places You Should Have Examined By Professionals

Posted on: 17 October 2016

As the seasons transition, wildlife begins to hibernate and settle down for the cold months. During the winter, it's very easy to forget about the possible presence of bees and nests in your home. Even though they may not be actively buzzing around your property, it's easy for a bee population to grow and then create major problems when spring rolls around. If you're looking to keep bees away from your home, then there are four hiding places that you should consider looking at. Bee-removal specialists can come examine these places, remove the bees, and get rid of the nests that will attract bees to the location in the future. Understanding key locations for specific species of bees will make it easier to complete the bee-removal process and avoid large swarms during the winter months.


During the winter, the only thing you expect going down your chimney is a possible visit from Santa Claus. Before Santa gets swarmed by some bees, you should inspect the area and see if there are any nests or living insects that need to get removed. When looking on the outside of your home, it's a good idea to use binoculars or some other type of zooming device to get a close look at the chimney. You may be able to see the bees flying around the opening of the chimney. When bee-removal specialists come to the home, they will examine the chimney area from the inside and may even climb to the top of the roof. In most cases, the type of bee living in your chimney will be a honey bee. It's really important for the bee specialists to remove all sections of the honeycomb so that the bees do not return to their original habitat.


The gutters on your home is another area where bees like to nest during the winter months. There are many areas of the gutter where nests may be found. For example, nests could be in the actual gutter or found in the eaves located on the house below the gutter. In order to properly clear out the bees, a professional may have to remove sections of the gutter or eave to access areas of the home. Once the removal process is completed, everything can be put back into place. Extra gutter debris may also be cleared out to help eliminate any remaining sections of nest that may be mixed in. This will help eliminate an attraction back to your home.

Home Siding

The siding on a home is another area where many bees can be found. This includes honey bees and Africanized Honey Bees. These bees will look for any type of opening on your home and use it to create nesting areas. As you set up holiday lights or prepare your home for winter weather, it's a good idea to look for any cracks, holes, or areas that are vulnerable to bee's nests. Even in the cold weather, you may see a bee or two hovering around. As the bees stay more dormant in the winter, it's an ideal time for specialist to come and examine your home. Pieces of the siding may be removed to help access the areas and properly remove the complete nest.

Wooden Structures

The bumblebee is a larger bee than the honey bee, and the species also nests very differently. These types of bees enjoy burrowing and nesting in all types of wooden structures. This includes sheds, wood piles, and wooden decking that may be found around your home. You may notice small circular holes in the wood around the size of a small coin. These holes are typically made by the bumblebee. During the winter, it's much easier to remove the presence of these bees from your home because the queen bee is the only one to survive during this time. A bee specialist can clear out the whole nest without the need to worry about swarms of bees attacking.

Once these problems are taken care of in the winter, you will have fewer issues to deal with in the spring. You will be able to enjoy the exterior of your home without any major problems.


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