5 Things To Include On Your Shipping Boxes

Posted on: 24 October 2016

When you are shipping your items to customers, you will have to consider several aspects of your packaging material. Not only will you need sturdy packaging that will keep your product safe and arrive at its destination looking great, but you will also have to consider what your packaging says about your company. If you are printing custom boxes, below are five things that you should include somewhere on your box. 

Your Logo

When it comes to printing custom boxes, one of the first things you will want to consider is the placement of your logo. While you should not skip an excellent opportunity to increase your brand awareness by including your logo on your shipping boxes, you should also consider your clients' expectations. While a big and bold logo may seem like an ideal way to get your brand noticed, it can actually be distracting to clients. You should consider subtle ways to incorporate your logo onto your packaging. For example, you can place your logo in a single corner of your box or use packing tape with your logo. 

The Percentage of Recycled Material You Use 

In the current market, environmental responsibility is a key point that all companies must address. About 84% of consumers intentionally seek out environmentally friendly products, which means that to remain competitive, companies have to constantly remind their clients about their environment efforts. One of the easiest ways to do so is to include the percentage of recycled material contained in your shipping boxes. Of course, this only works if you select shipping materials with a high amount of recycled material. 

Images and Designs that Showcase Your Personality 

Beyond your logo and slogan, your company should have a thoroughly developed personality that should be reflected in your packaging. For example, if you are known for being fun and edgy, you may choose black boxes with splashes of colors on them. However, for a more sophisticated company, you may want to opt for a glossy package with an understated embossed logo on it. You should keep in mind that the delivery of your package will begin your client's unboxing experience, and it is important that they immediately feel your company's personality. This can make them more excited about opening your package and more willing to share their shopping experience with their friends and family. 

A Rotating Collection of Images

Most companies aim to have repeat customers. While there is something comforting about receiving the same style of box in the mail every time you order from a company, there can also be something exciting if you begin to anticipate a slightly different box. For example, you may keep your logo and main colors of your packaging the same, but include a rotating collection of slogans or pictures. This will keep your customers guessing about what their next box will look like and will immediately satisfy their need for something new and exciting as soon as their package is delivered, before they even begin opening it. For some customers, it can also inspire the need to collect all of the boxes in a series, which can lead to more orders. 

Something Surprising 

A pleasant surprise can make a customer feel special and increase their brand loyalty. When it comes to printing boxes, the most effective surprises are generally in the details of the box. For example, you may print a short thank-you note on the inside of the top flap so your customer sees it when they open the box. Alternatively, you may print a secret message or a joke on the inside bottom of the box, which will help finish the unpacking experience with a memorable gesture. 

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