Tools And Tactics To Engage Clients In Therapy

Posted on: 4 March 2018

It can be a challenge to engage clients in therapy – especially when they don't want to be there. Take advantage of any tools that you can find to help reticent clients find their voice and want to participate in the journey. Consider some of the useful tactics and instruments that may nudge some of your less-than-willing participants.

Try an online quiz. When it is tough to develop a rapport with your consumers, try giving them an online psychological test. There are many different types that provide some insight into what the client is experiencing, and many may be able to relate to the results. Try personality quizzes for a fun, informative tool that many clients will embrace and want to discuss with you after.

Go somewhere meaningful. Some clients may be most impacted by experiential methods of therapy, such as field trips. Visiting a museum, hospital, or other site can put some clients at ease and get them to open-up to you. Make sure that you adhere to your company's terms and guidelines before meeting clients off-site.

Get creative juices flowing. When a client relaxes, often they will share and be more open. Art therapy is another great tool that can help the consumer share how they are feeling – without saying a word. Generally, you provide a prompt and the client draws or paints their response; look online for some popular and effective art therapy prompts.

Try something homeopathic. Why not adopt a holistic approach to helping others with some homeopathic approaches? Practices such as aromatherapy can be useful in getting the client to relax and self-soothe in times of distress or nervousness. Start with a simple diffuser and some essential oils, like lavender and peppermint, for clients that are willing to try.

Give music a try. There is a lot of evidence to support the therapeutic benefits of music; from reducing symptoms of Alzheimer's disease to alleviating depression, music is something that can be integrated into your therapy practice easily. Music also creates a common topic of interest that may help some reluctant clients engage and establish a rapport with you effortlessly.

There is always going to be one or two clients that are not as willing or excited about therapy as others; use these tools to become relatable and facilitate engagement with your clients. Research online tools for psychologists to find materials and activities that may make a difference in your interactions. 


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