Evaluate Your Circle Of Friends When You Commit To Being Happier

Posted on: 25 March 2019

It's a positive step forward when you decide to seek out some books on finding happiness as this is a sure sign that you're ready to improve how you feel on a daily basis. Books can steer you in the right direction, but you should also be ready to evaluate the degree to which those around you are bolstering your feelings of happiness. It doesn't hurt to give some thought to your circle of friends, especially as you begin to make changes that help you to feel happier. Here are some ways to evaluate these individuals.

Uplifting You

One way to evaluate your friends is to think about whether they uplift you when you're around them. Certain individuals are more uplifting than others, and it's ideal to have people like this in your life when you're on a quest for more inner happiness. Ask yourself if you feel happier when you hang out with certain people, or if you feel a little down. For example, some people are constantly griping about taxes, politics, social issues, and more, and these individuals aren't ideal for making you to feel happier. If there are several such people in your life, creating some distance may be in your best interest.

Encouraging You

In a similar manner, it's important to evaluate how well the people in your life encourage you. Everyone can benefit from encouragement, but some people are more equipped to offer this to their friends. For example, if you've shared an idea for a side business with your peers, which people have been excited and suggested that you pursue the idea? And which people have immediately identified the problems that they see with this idea? You usually feel happier around people who are encouraging to you, so maximizing your exposure to these individuals is important.

Accepting You

It can be difficult to achieve inner happiness when you don't feel as though you can be yourself. There are some people in your life who likely accept you for who you are, while others may constantly be trying to change you. While it's not necessarily a bad thing to be open to the comments of the latter group, the reality is that if you're happy with who you are — and getting happier as you focus more on being happy — you don't need to be around those who don't feel that you're adequate in your current state.


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