Why Your Office Should Have Softened Water

Posted on: 16 June 2019

Water softeners are not a "residential-only" sort of business. If you work in an office building, your office building should have softened water as well. If you question the purpose because you are not washing dishes or clothing in your office building, nor are you likely taking showers at work, here are some good reasons why softened water should still exist in your building. 

Toilets Run Better and Use Less Water

You may not know this, but toilets have a lip around the top edge of the bowl. You cannot see this unless you regularly clean the toilets or feel along the inside top edge of the toilet bowl. (Most people never feel along the top edge of the bowl for obvious reasons.) However, there is a series of holes under this lip. The series of holes is where the water from the tank of the toilet flushes through, creating the pressure needed to send your waste down the toilet drain hole and through the toilet trap into the sewer.

When you have hard water, these holes get clogged up with calcium and lime deposits, making it impossible for the toilet to flush properly. The result is that you have to keep flushing the toilet to move the waste along, and if your toilet is using the typical eight to twelve gallons of water per flush, your water bill is going to go through the roof. If the water is softened, these hole-blocking mineral deposits do not occur, and your water bill will be significantly less every month. 

Coffeemakers Last Longer and Your Coffee Tastes Better

If you have a coffeemaker in the breakroom and you are not using bottled water to fill the reservoir every day, you have got a big problem. The same thing that happens to the toilet is happening to the inner guts of your coffeemaker. Deposits build up and the coffeemaker stops working properly.

What is more, the water from the breakroom tap/sink is treated water from the city, so the chemicals used to treat wastewater and make it potable become more concentrated when the water is heated and some of it boils off as steam. The result is that your coffee may have a slight hint of chlorine to it, or something else tastes off. When you use softened water for your business's coffeemaker, you preserve the life of the appliance and your coffee tastes better. For more information, contact water softener system services near you.


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