6 Medical Cannabis Strains That Can Help Ease Depression

Posted on: 28 June 2019

Living with depression can be exhausting. Even if you are using prescription medications to manage your symptoms, there may be days when you feel so overwhelmed you can barely get out of bed. Medical cannabis can go a long way towards managing your depression symptoms, enabling you to get out there and carry on with your life. But not every strain is ideal for managing depression. When you visit the dispensary, here are some awesome strains to keep an eye out for.

Jack Herer

If your depression leaves you feeling mentally dull and uninspired, this is a good strain to try. It's known for really promoting creativity. You'll find that the ideas start flowing again after you begin smoking Jack Herer. Your writer's block or inability to create should clear. As this strain is 55% sativa, it should not make you feel too tired or relaxed. Rather, users tend to feel clear-headed and good-spirited. The flavor of Jack Herer is unique and will remind you of pine trees. It does not appeal to everyone but isn't difficult to tolerate if the strain otherwise makes you feel great.


AK-47 is a very popular strain, so you should be able to find it even at smaller, less-stocked dispensaries. It's an indica-sativa hybrid that helps make you feel more social—a good choice for those days when your depression is trying to tell you to stay inside and alone. AK-47 also promotes mental awareness, so you won't zone out or fall asleep if you need to go to a meeting or other engagement. If you're picky about the flavor of your weed, you'll probably be pleased with this strain. It has a classic, earthy flavor with hints of sweetness. It's not overly skunky or strong.

Girl Scout Cookies

If you need a mood boost but don't plan on trying to get anything done, opt for some Girl Scout Cookies. Another classic, popular strain, this one should be easy to find. It's an indica-dominant strain, so it will have a bit of that couch-locked, super-relaxing vibe. But even though you'll be relaxed, you'll be in a good place, mentally. Girl Scout Cookies is one of the more psychoactive strains, thanks to its super-high THC content, so it's great at helping you break free from negative thought spirals. Girl Scout Cookies is named for its flavor, which most people feel has a hint of mintiness. Its flavor is strong to match its potent effects.

Kill Bill

Kill Bill is known for its powerful stress-relief capabilities. Depression is often related to stress, so relieving your stress with a little Kill Bill can boost your mood. This strain is just about an even blend of indica and sativa genetics, and as such, it is both relaxing and inspiring. It will produce a very cerebral high while relaxing your body. Kill Bill smoke is said to taste a bit like roses. It's pungent and has that classic "weed" flavor.


Harlequin is a mind-clearing strain. If you're struggling with circling and bothersome thoughts, smoking Harlequin can help you break free, which should elevate your mood and help alleviate depression. It also helps improve focus—something you need if you're trying to work through your bout of low mood. Harlequin is sativa dominant, so it should not make you too sleepy or relaxed. It's high in CBD, so if you're in any pain, smoking this strain should help with that, too. Harlequin has an earthy flavor with hints of mango and pineapple. Some people notice woodsy qualities.

Try one of these strains, and experience improved relief from depressive symptoms. Learn more about your options by visiting a dispensary near you.


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