All About Scabies

Posted on: 5 August 2019

Whether you feel that you may be suffering from scabies, or you have just learned that someone you have been in contact with has scabies, you are going to want to learn about this condition, so you either know what you can do about it or so you will know whether you should be concerned about it. You will be able to become better informed about some important scabies topics by reading the information that is being provided to you in the below article.

Learn what scabies is

Scabies is a condition that is caused by an infestation of mites that are known as 'itch mites' or by the obvious term 'scabies mites'. These mites will physically burrow down in the top layer of your skin and reside there. The mites will also go about their normal life in your skin and this includes living there and even laying its eggs there. When your skin is infested with the scabies mites, it will cause your skin to itch badly and you will get a rash that looks similar to a bunch of small pimples.

Learn who is most susceptible to scabies

While anyone can get scabies, there are certainly those who are going to be more at risk of getting them. Some people who will be more at risk include those that work in places where they deal with patients, such as in hospitals, nursing homes, or long-term rehabilitation clinics. Also, those who work in places such as jails, juvenile detention centers, and prisons will be more at risk, as well as those who are in these places as inmates. Child day care centers and preschools can also be places that put people more at-risk.

Learn how scabies is contracted

In order for someone to get scabies, they will need to have contact with the skin of someone else who currently has scabies. It is important to note that things that happen very fast, such as a quick hug hello or a high five will not put someone at risk of getting scabies. However, things like sitting next to someone with your bare skin touching or giving someone a massage can cause scabies to be transferred. In some instances, using something on a personal level that someone with scabies used can cause it to be transferred. Things like bedding, towels, or unwashed clothing can all be things that can harbor scabies enough to transfer them.

Learn how to treat scabies

There are creams that contain chemicals that can be applied directly to the skin to kill the scabies. However, these creams may be harsh for a person's skin, especially those with sensitive skin. It is better to opt for an all natural scabies oil. An all natural scabies oil will kill the scabies mites without the harsh chemicals the other creams have. If you or a loved one have scabies, then you should really consider the gentler, safer all-natural route that will still get rid of the scabies without those worrisome ingredients.

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