4 Reasons To Use Culverts Made From Used Tank Cars

Posted on: 2 October 2019

Culverts have many practical applications. Predominantly, they can be used to divert moving water, which makes them vital for construction projects that take place alongside rivers or streams. Land developers can utilize culverts to divert water from prime real estate, allowing them to build homes, shops, or even condominiums. Farmers can also take advantage of culverts to move bodies of water that interfere with their planting scheme, allowing them to use more of their land for crops.

When you're shopping for used tank car culverts, you should know that you don't need to purchase them new. Here are four reasons to purchase a used railroad flat car for use as a culvert in your next project:

1. Reduce industrial waste.

Industrial waste contributes to the overfilling of landfills. Most industrial waste is not biodegradable. Metal can sit for centuries without breaking down. Trash that is not biodegradable not only takes up space in landfills, it also contributes to the production of toxic methane gas. Repurposing industrial refuse whenever possible helps to keep items out of the landfill. Railroad flat cars that are no longer needed for their intended purpose can be used as culverts instead of being discarded.

2. Conserve energy.

The metalworking process often produces carbon emissions that can pollute the environment. When you purchase a new culvert, energy must be used to produce the pipe you require. Utilizing a railroad flat care that already exists consumes no additional energy. It's a small conservation effort you can make to cut down on the pollution created by industrial manufacturing. The energy conservation can really add up if you require more than one culvert for your project.

3. Save money.

Purchasing recycled supplies for your construction projects is cheaper than buying all new materials. Manufacturers save money by creating culverts from preexisting tank cars since they don't need to purchase all new material. They can pass those savings to you, which will make your construction project much cheaper. Small businesses especially tend to be on tight budgets. It's smart to save money whenever you can, particularly when there is a good recyclable option available to you.

4. Don't sacrifice quality.

Whenever you purchase an item made from repurposed materials, you want to know that it's just as good as a brand new item. Fortunately, culverts made from used tank cars are just as durable and useful as any other culvert. You won't be sacrificing any quality when you make this buying decision.


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