Take Care To Avoid Blocking An Access Road To A Transmission Tower On Your Property

Posted on: 11 December 2019

If you own a property that spans dozens or even hundreds of acres, it's possible that there may be various elements on the property that you don't own. One example is a transmission tower, which might be situated a considerable distance from your home, accessible via a road. In this scenario, the transmission tower would fall under the category of a property easement, meaning that while it might be on your property, other entities — in this case, the utilities company — would have access to it. The utilities company needs to paint transmission towers from time to time, which means that its transmission tower painting crews need access. Make sure that you don't block an access route that leads to the transmission tower in one of these ways.

Vehicle Parking

The access road to the transmission tower will run through your property, and it may be situated close to where you park your vehicles. At times, it may be tempting to park one of your vehicles — or perhaps a trailer than you own — on this access road as a way of preventing cluttering in your driveway. The problem with this idea is that if the utilities company were to send a crew to paint the transmission tower, it may not be able to navigate the road because of your vehicle. And, if you aren't home at the time, there will be a considerable issue.


You may be in the middle of a landscaping project and inadvertently block the access road without really thinking about it. For example, if you've ordered a load of gravel or topsoil for a job that you're doing, it's common for your local garden supply store to deliver these materials. If you don't specify where to drop these materials off, the delivery driver could dump them in a manner that they block the access road. It may be a few days before you clear them away — which means that if the utilities company needs to paint the transmission tower in the meantime, your materials will be an obstacle.

Snow Removal

It might be rare for a transmission tower to require painting during the winter months, but if there's an emergency, the utilities company may send a crew out. You'll need to ensure that winter-related considerations don't impede the crew's use of the access road. For example, if you use a plow to move the snow off your driveway, you might pile it in a manner that it obstructs the access road. Over the course of the winter, this pile could be large enough that a truck carrying a painting crew would be unable to pass over it.


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