Insulating A Home With Expanding Spray Foam

Posted on: 6 July 2020

Homeowners may not be personally familiar or experienced with the use of spray foam products to insulate a structure. However, these systems can be some of the most reliable and effective options for individuals that are needing to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. 

Appreciate The Benefits Of Spray Foam Systems

The benefits that can be provided to a home from a spray foam system can be extensive. For example, a spray foam insulation system will be able to eliminate drafts that can form during the installation of standard insulation. This is due to the ability of the spray foam to rapidly expand in size so that it can fill the area that you are needing to insulate. In addition to being less likely to have drafts, spray foam insulation will also be far better at reducing the noise making it into the home due to its density.

Opt For Closed Cell Spray Foam For Maximum Moisture Protection

While insulation can make it much easier to regulate the temperature inside your home, it can also allow you to keep moist air from seeping into the home. Unfortunately, not all spray foam products are able to provide the same level of protection against moisture. Closed-cell systems can be one of the most effective types of insulation for protecting the home against moist air. This is due to the fact that the closed cells of the spray foam will be less likely to retain water than open cells.

Allow Time For The Fumes To Dissipate

Unfortunately, spray foam systems can create considerable fumes that are unhealthy for individuals to inhale. While the contractors performing this work will wear safety gear to avoid exposure, those living in the house will not be able to utilize this option. As a result, vacating the house can be the best option for reducing the risk of exposure to these fumes. Luckily, professional spray foam installation services will be able to use a powerful ventilation system to rapidly remove these fumes from the home's interior.

Spray foam is one of the most convenient and effective systems for homeowners that are needing to enhance the insulation of their house. After coming to know more about the benefits of using spray foam systems over traditional insulation, the advantages of closed-cell insulation systems, and the fact that you will need to vacate the home until the fumes are dissipated, using these systems to improve the insulation of a home will be a project that may be easier to effectively plan to do.

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