Why You Should Charter a Private Jet for Your Honeymoon

Posted on: 19 August 2020

One of the best ways to make your honeymoon memorable, regardless of where you're planning to travel, is to spoil yourself. Booking a luxury hotel instead of budget accommodation, arranging a spa visit, and enjoying some high-end dining are all ways that people splurge on their honeymoons. If you're keen on making this trip as fancy as possible, one option to consider is booking a private jet charter to travel to your destination. If you think of this idea in advance, it can be easy to set money aside to help pay for your charter experience. Here are some reasons to charter a private jet for your honeymoon.

You Can Be Flexible with Your Departure Time

One challenge of flying commercially is that your flight departure times can be challenging. If you're leaving for your honeymoon a day or two after your wedding, the last thing that you might want is to get up early so that you can get to the airport for a flight at dawn. Unfortunately, if most of the cheaper flights leave early, you'll have to get up early. A big reason to consider private jet transportation is that you'll have more flexibility with your departure time. For example, if you favor getting up at a leisurely hour, having a fancy breakfast, and then heading to the airport, you can schedule your flight departure accordingly.

You Get Time to Yourselves

In the days after your wedding, you and your new spouse will be keen to spend as much quality time together as possible. When you fly commercially, you might have someone crammed into a seat beside you — which doesn't exactly give you private time together. Another reason to think about using a private jet is that you'll enjoy quiet, private time while you travel. You won't have to deal with other travelers.

You Have Space to Enjoy Post-Wedding Activities

While you can certainly just sit and enjoy the flight, you might also want to partake in some post-wedding activities. For example, maybe you want to go through a bunch of photos from the celebration that you have on a USB drive. Instead of doing so on a laptop computer, you can load the USB drive into one of your jet's TV screens and look at the photos. Or, if you want to get a start on some thank-you notes, you can sit at a proper table and write some notes together that you can mail upon arriving in your destination city.


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