Screenplay Coverage Factors To Expect In Screenplay Coverage Services

Posted on: 30 October 2020

As a writer, you want to maximize the chances that your screenplays will be picked up and made into plays and movies. However, if you are just breaking into the entertainment business, you may wonder how to write engaging screenplays for producers.

To improve the chances of a producer buying a screenplay from you, you need to use professional screenplay coverage services. These factors are some to expect in the report that the screenplay coverage contractors create for you.

General Overview

One of the main components found in coverage screenplay services today involves a general overview of the script's plot. The overview will contain brief and concise details about the script's title, author, page count, and genre. These details are critical to make available to producers who want to scan your script and get a fast yet factual idea of what your play or movie is all about.

The general information report that your screenplay coverage contractors create for you will be attached to the top of your script. The producers who receive your script will be able to browse these details quickly and decide if they want to read the rest of what you have written.


The screenplay coverage services also will include a summary of your movie or play. The summary that the screenplay coverage contractor creates for you will be two to three pages long. It will include the basic details of what goes on in the plot and highlights the primary action in the script.

In essence, your screenplay coverage summary will be a written version of the verbal pitch that you would give to producers if you were to go to a face-to-face meeting with them. The summary can convince a producer to take on a script and make it into a movie or play.


Finally, your script will include a page for its rating that the screenplay coverage services assign it. The available ratings include Pass, Consider, and Recommend. Pass implies that the script needs more work or is not what the director is looking for, while Consider and Recommend are more favorable and agree that the script has potential. The rating lets you know if you need to change anything that you have written to make your script more appealing and engaging.

These factors are some to expect when you retain screenplay coverage services. Screenplay coverage helps producers decide whether or not to make scripts into productions.


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