Cremation Services Or Traditional Funeral ? Key Points To Help You Make The Right Choice

Posted on: 19 March 2021

The process of making final arrangements is a sobering experience, whether it is part of a proactive plan for your own future or for the more immediate needs of a loved one. For many in this position, the first thing to consider is whether you should choose to have a traditional funeral or whether a cremation service might be a better fit. 

As recently as a few decades ago, the default for most final needs planning in the US included a traditional funeral service, usually held at a church or funeral home, followed by burial. Now, however, families often chose cremation, over traditional funerals, for the final needs of their loved ones. If you are currently tasked with making final arrangements for yourself or a loved one, this information about cremation services can be helpful. 


A traditional funeral requires many steps that can add up to an expensive final needs bill that families often struggle to pay. Opting for cremation can allow families to omit many of these steps, helping to keep final needs costs within their budgets. For example, cremation services do not require the purchase of a casket, vault, or burial plot. Additionally, cremation can be used without the need for cosmetology services, burial garments, or even embalming, if a traditional viewing is omitted from the plans. 


Another reason to consider cremation is the ecological benefits it can provide. With populations rising and cemeteries filling quickly, many people are becoming more interested in cremation because it leaves no environmental impact on future generations. With no need to maintain a burial plot, no petroleum will be burned to power lawn care equipment.  


The current pandemic situation has made it difficult or impossible for many families to make final needs arrangements in a timely fashion. In fact, some families have seen delays or been prevented from gathering to say their final goodbyes by pandemic restrictions. By choosing cremation, families are able to more easily make final arrangements that allow for social distancing, such as holding an outdoor event or by choosing to wait until all pandemic-related restrictions are lifted in their area.

Cremation also offers logistical benefits when the death occurs away from the decedent's home area and transportation options for the body prove difficult. In this type of situation, the actual cremation could be handled in the area where the death occurred. The cremains could then be retrieved by the family or shipped to their home address.

There are many things to consider when making final needs arrangements. To learn more about cremation services, make an appointment to discuss your situation and concerns with a professional in your area. 


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