The Purpose of Tower Painting: Why It Is More Important Than You Might Think

Posted on: 19 April 2021

Do you see lots of towers in your area? These towers may provide cell service, water, electricity, and much more to people living in and around your area. While looking at some of the towers, you may have noticed that some are white and others are painted with different colors, such as orange and red. Upon seeing these different colors, you may have wondered who paints these towers and why they do that in the first place.

What Is Tower Painting?

Tower painting involves professional painters who use special equipment to reach tall heights and apply paint to towers. Most of these towers are several feet off the ground, making it difficult for the average person to paint them. The painting process applies to all different types of towers, such as lattice towers, cell towers, and guyed towers. Painters must remain cautious and wear protective gear while painting any of the towers, including fall gear that would protect them and keep them from getting hurt if they lose their grip while working on a tower.

Why Do Towers Get Painted?

There are several reasons that the owners of towers choose to hire tower painting services. One of the primary purposes of painting a tower is to add an extra layer of protection. The professionals will use a specific type of paint designed for use on towers that protects against weather damage. Whether there is rain, snow, or even a hailstorm outside, the paint does not deteriorate. The paint can potentially keep unwanted pests from living in and on these towers, which would likely cause some damage to them. It is also a great idea to paint towers to make them look more aesthetically pleasing. A large tower with absolutely no color painted over it is much more of an eyesore for those living in the neighborhood where it gets installed.

What Happens During a Tower Painting Session with a Professional?

Before the painters get started, they will consult with those who own or operate the tower to find out exactly which colors they would like to use on the specific towers. You may notice that some towers have different colors than others. While some towers are just one color, others contain two or more colors. Once the painters know which colors they will need to use on the towers they will paint, they will gather their equipment. Some of the equipment used by the professionals includes:

  • Scaffolding Structure
  • Safety Harness
  • FAA-Approved Tower Paint
  • Painting Mitt
  • Paint Rollers and Brushes
  • Protective Painting Suit
  • Protective Gloves

Upon gathering their equipment, the painters will head over to the tower that needs painting and start setting things up. They might use a portable, non-rolling scaffolding structure that they can climb to reach all different areas of the tower, including the tallest point, even if it is more than 20-feet tall. They will wear their special paint suits to protect themselves from getting paint on their bodies, while also wearing fall gear as an additional safety measure. The next step involves carefully applying each coating of paint. The painters need to choose the perfect day for painting a tower. If it is too windy or if the weather forecast predicts rain, they will need to wait to keep the paint job from getting messed up.

Tower painting occurs for many reasons. You might see several towers in your area, some of which are different colors than others. Professional painters follow a step-by-step process to get the job done correctly. When painted correctly, towers of all different sizes will remain in better condition for more extended periods, which makes painting them worth it.


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