Why Use An Automated Monthly Exclusion Screening Service?

Posted on: 13 August 2021

If you run a business that works in the health care industry, then you have a responsibility to check that your contacts have not been excluded from working in state or federal health care programs. This includes your employees, contractors, and vendors.

While you can make these checks yourself on both state and federal databases, you can also use automated screening tools. What are their benefits?

Reduce Your Workload

You should check your contacts when you first employ them or use their services. After that, you should check them every month. Databases that list excluded individuals or businesses update once a month, so this information changes all the time.

If you manually check all your contacts every month, then you have to find time to work through multiple databases. Even if you allocate the job to one of your employees, you take them away from their regular duties. You might not find it easy to keep up with all the state and federal databases which hold this information.

If you use an automated screening tool, then it runs the checks for you. It tells you the status of everyone on your list. You get an instant heads-up if someone has been excluded and peace of mind if they haven't.

To save even more time, some companies also offer a managed service. Here, the company runs your screening management program. You simply give them the details of all the people and businesses you need to check, and the company runs the screens every month for you.

Avoid Penalties

If you don't run monthly exclusion screening checks, then you expose your business to non-compliance risks. You might accidentally employ an individual or use a vendor who shouldn't work in a health care environment. It's no use claiming that you didn't know about their status; you are supposed to check this regularly.

If you don't check individuals and businesses, then you could face penalties or fines based on the work they might have done in the health care system. You might lose money from programs like Medicare or Medicaid. If the excluded individual provided care under these programs, they won't pay you. In some cases, your business might also be subject to exclusion from these health care programs.

Automated monthly exclusion screening keeps you compliant. You won't need to worry about penalties, fines, and exclusions if you keep your checks up to date.

To get started, contact automated monthly exclusion screening providers.


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