3 Fashion Executive Search Tips For Business Owners

Posted on: 13 September 2022

As a fashion business owner, you most likely combine creativity with business savvy and want the same in any executives you hire. Hiring for an executive-level position at a fashion company can be difficult. You need candidates with deep fashion industry expertise who also have business skills your company may be currently lacking. The best place to start is to work with a fashion executive recruiting company and follow the tips in this article.

Narrow Down the Role You Are Hiring For

You are more likely to end up with the perfect new employee if you know exactly which role you are hiring for, along with the specific duties, responsibilities, and qualifications needed. For example, searching for a VP of consumer products will lead to a much different search than if what you really need is a Chief Technology Officer.

Sit down with the leadership team and brainstorm the most important aspects of the role, and then craft a job description that matches. Be sure to articulate your fashion business's core values and culture because it's also important to find a candidate who is a good fit for those items.

Work With Fashion Executive Recruiters

Your next step is to seek out the help of executive recruiters who either specialize in fashion or have a branch of their company devoted to fashion and apparel. Recruiters streamline the entire hiring process for you and get you better-qualified candidates in the process. They will finesse your job description if needed and tap into their vast network to find you a pool of ideal candidates.

They will also handle the initial interviews, oversee the internal interview process, and help put together offer letters when it's time. 

Make the Most of Interviews

Once you get to the stage of meeting with candidates yourself, be sure to go into each interview with a game plan. Have questions in mind that are targeted specifically to executive-level roles.

In addition, have a specific scenario in mind that will be a typical part of their role and ask them how they would handle it. Remember that interviews are not only to determine how qualified someone is, but also how well you will get along with them since you will be working closely with your executives.

By following the tips in this article, you will soon be able to choose from a select group of qualified, personable, and impressive executive candidates for your fashion business. Keep these tips in mind when performing a fashion executive search.


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